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  1. Geological factors prevented the boring of the spiral tunnel that had originally been planned.
  2. The aim of such procedures is to force the geologist to objectively assess all different geological factors.
  3. High confidence in the presence of imperative geological factors is usually coloured green and low confidence coloured red.
  4. He was part of several explorations, during which he studied various geological factors that would later bring him fame.
  5. What exacerbates the situation is that the island also is slowly sinking, due to either excessive groundwater pumping or geological factors.
  6. While this explanation links the problem more to environmental and geological factors, mankind also plays a large role in the problem.
  7. Rather it would appear that the original dam project did not properly take into account all the geological factors associated with the site.
  8. This is due in part to numerous geological factors; The ranges usually have few to no foothills and rise directly from valley floors.
  9. Exploration risk is a difficult concept and is usually defined by assigning confidence to the presence of the imperative geological factors, as discussed above.
  10. The fundamental cause of failure may be regarded as a combination of geological factors and design decisions that, taken together, permitted the failure to develop.

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