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  1. To assist regional geological mapping, more abundant and visualized expression forms are highly needs.
  2. Prospecting includes geological mapping, rock assay analysis, and sometimes the intuition of the prospector.
  3. Currently, Gates has four researchers doing geological mapping in Harriman.
  4. He was engaged in paleontology, stratigraphy, tectonics, paleoclimatology, applied geology, geological mapping, and hydrography.
  5. Participated in various projects of geological mapping and economic geology.
  6. He is best known for his geological mapping of Bernic Lake, Manitoba in the 1970s.
  7. From 1877 he carried out geological mapping studies of Provence, the Jura Mountains and the Alps.
  8. Geological mapping showed that much of the surrounding plains were formed by lahar deposits from previous eruptions.
  9. Yellowknife is usually where scientists start geological mapping expeditions when researching the oldest known rocks in North America.
  10. Ball became chief government geologist in 1931 and pioneered the geological mapping of Queensland based on aerial photography.

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