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  1. The gold bullion was sold for an average $ 370.22 an ounce.
  2. Three tonnes of gold bullion ( worth ?6 million ) was stolen.
  3. Declining gold bullion and base metal prices may temper the market's advance.
  4. The buyback " should be supportive for the gold bullion price ."
  5. The obverse has appeared on American gold bullion coinage issued since 1986.
  6. Gold issues were hurt by falling gold bullion prices as inflation concerns eased.
  7. Gold mining companies rose as gold bullion prices passed $ 400 an ounce.
  8. Gold bullion recently traded at US $ 339 an ounce in New York.
  9. While taking out the second one, a gold bullion drops out.
  10. It was also rumored that the ship carried 25 boxes of gold bullion.

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