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  1. The initial governing board was elected and sworn into office in 1962.
  2. Confesor is chairwoman of the governing board of the International Labor Organization.
  3. The Governing Board meets regularly to set strategic direction and review progress.
  4. The governing board of international diving does not recognize such aided dives.
  5. Stevenson then served on the governing board from its start until 1905.
  6. Policy makers from the European Central Bank's governing board were meeting later.
  7. The report also noted the fiduciary irresponsibility of the AIPCS governing board.
  8. On Jan . 16, the governing board voted to close the school.
  9. He also introduces Dutch as the language of the party governing board.
  10. Across the channel, the governing board of the Florida Bar is meeting.


  1. a board that manages the affairs of an institution

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