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  1. Many Peruvians criticized the trip as a frivolous use of government funds.
  2. Construction of Segment I was renewed in 2013 using national government funds.
  3. We removed him because he was misusing government funds and his authority,
  4. It currently receives $ 280 million in government funds for its work.
  5. In November the industry relied on government funds distributed through Vneshtorgbank loans.
  6. The library and Mausoleum are being reconstructed by a Kazakhstan government fund.
  7. Some people allege corruption has swallowed up government funds earmarked for resettlement.
  8. Paying such high interest will divert government funds from other pressing needs.
  9. The money would come from a special government fund for crime victims.
  10. Since then, several news outlets have sought information about other government funds.

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