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  1. Francesca De Grandis, author of " Be a Goddess!
  2. The Grandis try to get at Vargas by terrorizing Susan.
  3. The first generation was a locally assembled Chariot Grandis platform.
  4. De Grandis had also been denied his habeas petition, and appealed.
  5. Amblypneustes grandis was first scientifically described in 1912 by Hubert Lyman Clark.
  6. Grandis pioneered and developed the first STT-RAM thin film structures.
  7. De Grandis also gathered experience through numerous collaborations with Asia.
  8. It shared its platform with the Mitsubishi Grandis, also introduced in 2003.
  9. Anametalia grandis was first scientifically described in 1950 by Ole Theodor Jensen Mortensen.
  10. The larvae have been recorded feeding on " Eucalyptus grandis ".

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