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गम बूट
बरसाती जूते
gum:    मसूड़ा च्यूइंग गम
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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Each is dressed in gum boots, work gloves and rain gear.
  2. Mulrooney once partnered with fellow Klondike legend gum boots and whiskey for her.
  3. There are T-shirts _ " Real women always get their buck " _ and gum boots.
  4. There'd be brass bands, gum boot dancers, penny whistlers _ wherever there was an empty space ."
  5. Gum boots were more in order.
  6. Their lives were filled with equal parts muddy gum boots and unheated rooms, silver spoons and hand-me-down tiaras.
  7. The 51st Division stores, obtained enough gum boots for a brigade of infantry but many were lost in the mud as men struggled to get free.
  8. The term " gum boot " in New Zealand is thought to derive from the 19th-century kauri-gum diggers, who wore this footwear, or perhaps because the boots were made from gum rubber.
  9. Highlights of the Dinizulu performance included a solo on the deep-voiced gome, a Ghanaian fisherman's drum, and " Gum Boot Dance, " a traditional dance filled with hip urban energy, developed by South African miners wearing rubber boots with anklets of bells.
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