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  1. Or are we onto a real indication of right-handedness?
  2. Gains from such heavy-handedness may be short-lived.
  3. The principal attribute the two men share is sure-handedness.
  4. But that effort contributed to an appearance of high-handedness.
  5. King Solomon grasped a baby to show his even-handedness.
  6. He has a rigid definition of what constitutes right-handedness.
  7. People could seek peace without the heavy-handedness of dogma.
  8. Hong Kong is sensitive to perceived heavy-handedness by police.
  9. Cockatoos have a preferred " footedness " analogous to human handedness.
  10. Rise and twist determine the handedness and pitch of the helix.


  1. the property of using one hand more than the other
    पर्याय: laterality

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