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  1. He is more concerned about the location of his next handhold.
  2. _Missing or damaged components such as handholds and swing seats.
  3. In Japan there were no handholds at all, Smith said.
  4. Rattlesnakes live in the area, requiring observant footfalls and handholds.
  5. The turns may be performed in numerous ways and using different handholds.
  6. The grainy, contorted capstones offer excellent footholds and handholds for climbing.
  7. Strategically placed chains, handholds, and ladders aid in the climb.
  8. Two handholds and three fixed steps are provided to enter the coach.
  9. The Utah Jazz are with them, handholds crumbling to dust, too.
  10. The Zen of the trip lies in finding the right handholds and footholds.


  1. an appendage to hold onto

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