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  1. The ergonomic grip features an adjustable handrest.
  2. The Dragon Throne, in particular, has five dragons coiled around the back and handrests.
  3. Its wide handrest at the base of the grip allows for greater precision handling as well as alleviates wrist cramps.
  4. Metal handrest electrodes at the sides, which the patient grasped during treatment, served as the " ground " return path and were attached to the bottom of the coil.
  5. The electronics, located in the plane handrest, take the sound from the microphone behind the headphone, invert it, and add it back into the audio signal, which reduces background noise.
  6. "Because it was a cottage industry, English Windsor chairs were made from green, freshly cut wood, " Stair says . " As the wood dried, parts of the chair, such as the handrests at the end of the arms, would twist and turn as it warped, which actually added character.
  7. It is best described as a hollowed-out egg shape, very high and enclosed back, standing on end, four legs, with handrests and usually with a notch for a lantern at the side, allowing the person to sink back into it out of the wind and await visitors'knocks . ( Notable current survivors exist at the London Branch of the Bank of England, Museum of Leathercraft, Abington, Northampton and at various antique auction houses in the UK and US ).
  8. The " 40th Anniversary " edition CL65 AMG is a limited ( 40 units ) version of CL 65 AMG commemorating the 40th anniversary of AMG, designed by the specialists of the AMG PERFORMANCE STUDIO . It included exclusive AMG Alubeam ( Liquid Metal ) body paint ( from Vision GST and SL 400 CDI ), AMG two-bar front grille, large under-bumper air intakes, air outlets on the front fenders and round fog lights, rear apron with a black air diffuser insert and twin V12-design tailpipes, two-tone EXCLUSIVE PASSION Nappa leather seats with new AMG V12 diamond pattern stitching, embossed V12 logos in the front head restraints, color-coordinated Alcantara roof lining, nappa leather upholstery at airbag unit of the AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel, carbon fiber interior trim, " 40th Anniversary " lettering on the center console, a " One Out of 40 " badge on the handrest of the COMAND controller.

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