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  1. In order to give these students hands on experience, the university built a hospital.
  2. This is to give them the hands on experience and help prepare for certification exams.
  3. There are two advantages of this, one is that the students gain hands on experience.
  4. Contractors established demonstration farms, facilitating this training and providing hands on experience to local farmers.
  5. I know there is someone around here who has actual hands on experience with WinServ 2008.
  6. It offers hands on experience and a photo opportunity with three of the animals at the zoo.
  7. The DCC gives students hands on experience by connecting them with faculty and industrial advisers on sponsored projects.
  8. Students gain hands on experience and may even possibly handle historical documents, enriching their experiences with history.
  9. While, the practicum classes offer a hands on experience caring for the children in the childcare center.
  10. I have hands on experiences building houses with my grandfather or discussing real world issues with a political advisor.

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