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  1. Most guys would close down happy hour after a day like that.
  2. Here's a plan _ we meet and discuss it at happy hour.
  3. The bar observes the longest Happy Hours in town-from 5pm to 10pm.
  4. ATLANTA _ The Midtown lounge Spice gets pretty loud during happy hour.
  5. Gordon said yesterday afternoon, as a cold rain halted Happy Hour practice.
  6. It would have been a perfect day for happy hour with Scottie.
  7. This weekend, area air traffic controllers feel like bartenders during happy hour.
  8. The steward announced $ 2 margarita happy hour in the snack bar.
  9. The hotel also provides complimentary breakfast and nightly sake happy hour.
  10. The bar itself seats 75 for patrons who arrive early for happy hour.


  1. the time of day when a bar sells alcoholic drinks at a reduced price

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