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  1. Hiduminium was so successful that during World War II it was in use by all of the major British aero engine makers.
  2. Shorts had to develop their own machinery to produce the necessary'T'- shaped Hiduminium alloy lengths that comprised the main trimming to adjust.
  3. To produce pistons that could survive engine combustion temperatures, it was necessary to develop new alloys such as Y alloy and Hiduminium, specifically for use as pistons.
  4. The company's rather staid image was endorsed during the 1930s by the introduction of a range of six-cylinder cars with ohv engines, though a Hiduminium aluminium alloy engine; this model cost ?50.
  5. High Duty Alloys at Redditch constructed ( forged ) the compressor and turbine blades for Whittle's first engines, and many of the early jet engines; it made Concorde's airframe from the Hiduminium R . R . 58 aluminium alloy.
  6. The former was to gain an unexpected and as yet undocumented railway life during the Second World War when the High Duty Alloys company was established on the ironworks site, making a wide range of materials, including Hiduminium for war use, such as in aircraft parts.

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