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  1. He has worked on high altitude physiology.
  2. The gadgetry was designed by MIT's Media Lab, and will be monitored by doctors at Yale and Walter Reed to help physicians learn more about high altitude physiology.
  3. The Instituto de Investigaciones de la Altura ( High Altitude Research Institute ) is also known for its contribution to the understanding of high altitude physiology and the pathophysiology of acute and chronic high altitude sickness.
  4. Major-General Leach was awarded several honours such as the Trans-Canada McKee Trophy ( in 1960 ), which he received for his research in high altitude physiology, and he was inducted into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame ( in 1974 ).
  5. Being born at 3800m in Oruro, Bolivia, and then studying medicine at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres in the city of La Paz, at 3513 m above sea level, all his work has focused on initially high altitude physiology and later evolved to high altitude pathology.
  6. Brashears, who filmed the summit with a 42-pound camera for the large-screen IMAX " Everest, " agreed that Mallory and Irvine faced a more daunting challenge than mountaineers today because " every step was a step into the unknown of high altitude physiology, of what's around the next corner ."

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