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  1. One of our buyers is in India right now, buying hand-hooked rugs,
  2. She had painstakingly decorated her house with antique pine furniture and hand-hooked rugs.
  3. "I used to be so fussy about every hooked rug, " she said.
  4. His hooked rugs and patchwork quilts are popular products in the gift shop.
  5. A small hand-hooked rug of a horse cavorting in a meadow.
  6. Settlers who were working with limited resources developed hooked rugs in the 17th century.
  7. Since the 1970s, collectors have valued original design hooked rugs, especially landscapes or portraits.
  8. No matter what the motif, hooked rugs displayed a great sense of individual expression.
  9. Packer is planning to make hooked rugs for the staircases.
  10. Mrs . Calder executed a series of hooked rugs, based on her husband's designs.

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