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  1. It uses a set of tools and methods based on HLT ( Human Language Technologies ).
  2. It has been developed by the Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition Group at RWTH Aachen University.
  3. In June 2007, Baker was appointed Director of Research at the new Human Language Technology Center of Excellence at the Johns Hopkins University.
  4. Human languages are highly expressive, but are considered too ambiguous to allow the accurate interpretation desired, given the current level of human language technology.
  5. "The focus is around driving larger business opportunities for voice recognition, " said David Nahamoo, senior manager for human language technologies at IBM . Research.
  6. Human Language Technologies ( HLT ) comprise a number of areas of research and development that focus on the use of technology to facilitate communication in a multilingual information society.
  7. Human language technologies are areas of activity in departments of the European Commission that were formerly grouped under the heading language engineering ( Gupta & Schulze 2011 : Section 1.1 ).
  8. David Nahamoo, manager of human language technologies at IBM's Thomas J . Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N . Y ., said last week after demonstrating the system.
  9. As part of the Human Language Technologies Program, the Advanced Research Projects Agency ( ARPA ) created a methodology to evaluate machine translation systems, and continues to perform evaluations based on this methodology.
  10. She co-founded the Human Language Technology Center ( HLTC ) and is an affiliated faculty with the Robotics Institute at HKUST . Additionally, she is the founding chair of the Women Faculty Association at HKUST.

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