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  1. Potassium ion channels remove the hydration shell from the ion when it enters the selectivity filter.
  2. Earlier simulations that did not include a model of hydration shells did not reproduce the conductance saturation behavior.
  3. The second hydration shell of Cr 3 + was found to have molecules at an average distance of.
  4. The hydration shell ( also sometimes called hydration layer ) that forms around proteins is of particular importance in biochemistry.
  5. This implies that every molecule in the first hydration shell is hydrogen bonded to two molecules in the second shell.
  6. It has been speculated that the Mg 2 + ion will initially interact with any transport protein through its hydration shell.
  7. For this purpose the same pairwise potential discussed by Im and Roux is implemented to include the effect of hydration shells.
  8. At an atomic level, the reduction in the force acting on a charge results from water molecules forming a hydration shell around it.
  9. He is the defonition od stupidity, he has a hydration shell of stupidity that goes through to the other rooms that surround him.
  10. The radius of the Co ( III ) Hex molecule is 244 pm, very similar to the 250 pm radius of the first hydration shell of Mg 2 +.

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