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  1. They impute to others their own good motives and good will.
  2. Christ's righteousness, or his perfection, was then imputed to all believers.
  3. This righteousness was imputed to some through faith, which altered their eternal destiny.
  4. "The crimes authorities impute to me are not very clear, " he said.
  5. The protective behavior imputed to dolphins arises from misconstruing aspects of their natural behavior.
  6. Almost all the crimes imputed to Milosevic in the indictment occurred during the NATO bombing.
  7. It had surrealistic overtones the French impute to Lewis.
  8. Only actual, and not constructive, knowledge of the agent can be imputed to the principal.
  9. Therefore such intention if it exists has to be imputed to them from their actions.
  10. What bothers me is that some sort of cover-up or anti-Semitism might be imputed to her,

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