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  1. Regarding infantilism, in this context I am not an infantilist.
  2. One small step for Big Brother, one giant leap for infantilism.
  3. The theme of infantilism is prevalent in " Otik ."
  4. Failure to develop secondary sex characteristics ( sexual infantilism ) is typical.
  5. Another common practice in feminization is infantilism, corporal punishment, etc.
  6. Might I request some eyes and editors at paraphilic infantilism?
  7. The first source chose to use terms other than infantilism.
  8. There is no recognized etiology for infantilism and little research on the subject.
  9. In 1936, Craven labeled Picasso's work " Bohemian infantilism ".
  10. The page is obviously paraphilic infantilism and the relevant quotes / sources are:
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  1. infantile behavior in mature persons
  2. an abnormal condition in which an older child or adult retains infantile characteristics

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