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  1. Maria Jo�o Rodrigues remained a member of the OECD's Innovation Strategy Expert advisory group.
  2. His professional background is from engineering design, medical equipment design, and innovation strategy consulting.
  3. "We're going to stick to our innovation strategy as the new Lenovo, " she said.
  4. He is the founder and president of Innovation Strategies International, a global education-innovation consulting firm.
  5. His initial research included developing disruptive innovation strategy for healthcare with Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen.
  6. Hiring Kay is an investment in Hewlett-Packard's innovation strategy.
  7. He wrote four books and a number of referred scientific articles focused on regional innovation strategies.
  8. Our customers are happy with our innovation strategy,
  9. The "'Advanced Marine Technology Programme "'is part of Sea Change, Ireland's marine research and innovation strategy.
  10. Also, a robust innovation strategy, coupled with strategic buckets, refocuses resources on high value development initiatives.

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