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  1. "' Kazan National Research Technological University "', KNRTU is an innovational scientific educational complex.
  2. Alena Yarkevich won in the nominations �Nevidal?( usage of innovational technologies ) and �Navorot?( unique combination of color and forms ).
  3. A void had been left by the retirement of Jim Smith, innovational founder of the public club that became the hub for city kids.
  4. Distinct from the view of Wundt, the W�rzburg school developed an innovational, holistic view, where the focus was on studying both act and content.
  5. Mr Sakowitz created a trend analysis system entitled IDA ( Innovational, Directional, Acceptional ), utilized in structuring store merchandising processes ( published in Menswear Magazine ).
  6. These accolades are awarded in recognition of a particular body of work, which may be innovational, or provide a solution to an outstanding problem in an established field.
  7. The faculty preserves and improves existing traditions and develops new fields of activity : new educational programs, standards and tests are elaborated, innovational educational technologies and concepts are worked out.
  8. The main activities of INSPEM include planning, identifying and implementing research in Theoretical Studies, Applied and Computational Statistics, areas of Computational Sciences and Informatics and Innovational Methods in Education.
  9. Bauman University  National Technological University  carries research in cutting-edge areas of science and technology, basing on eight technological platforms . 32 companies included BMSTU in their innovational programs.
  10. She accepts, though, that such trashtucker is cheering to kids like those who converge on Alice annually for a reunion of far-flung pupils of the innovational School of the Air.

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