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  1. Each Insequent has a unique and very focused skill that can seem magical or superhuman.
  2. Obsequent streams are insequent streams that now flow in an opposite direction of the original drainage pattern.
  3. Linden confronts the man, who turns out to be the Harrow, another of the Insequent.
  4. "' The Insequent "'are a mysterious race of people who dwell to the west of the Land.
  5. So far only four Insequent have appeared in the stories : The Mahdoubt, the Harrow, the Theomach and the Ardent.
  6. Here Linden finds the Mahdoubt, another of the Insequent who had previously befriended her in Revelstone during her " proper " time.
  7. However the trio soon encounter the mysterious and knowledgeable Theomach, a puissant figure who is one of a learned race known as the Insequent.
  8. The Insequent explains Linden's odd appearance and presence by dubbing her the first of the " Unfettered Ones ", thus keeping the Law of Time intact.
  9. The Ardent can no longer assist them since he failed to protect the Harrow, and begins to madden and die, though through him the race of the Insequent announce that he has become the greatest among them.
  10. The water collects in channels where the velocity and erosional power increase, cutting into and extending the heads of gullies . "'Subsequent streams "'form by selective headward erosion by cutting away at less resistive rocks in the terrain . "'Obsequent and resequent streams "'form after time in an area of insequent or subsequent streams.

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