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  1. Trinucleotide repeats are classified as insertion mutations and sometimes as a separate class of mutations.
  2. Trinucleotide repeats are sometimes classified as insertion mutations and sometimes as a separate class of mutations.
  3. In Hay Wells syndrome, and other ectodermal dysplasia disorders, a missense, nonsense, or insertion mutation has occurred in the TP63 gene.
  4. Linkage analysis and chromosomal rearrangement revealed the cause of SCS to be mutations in the insertion mutations that either shorten or disrupt the b-HLH domain.
  5. To identify genes being lost, sequences encompassing the transposon ends are amplified by PCR and sequenced by MPS to determine the location and abundance of each insertion mutation.
  6. In genetics, an "'insertion "'( also called an "'insertion mutation "') is the addition of one or more nucleotide base pairs into a DNA sequence.
  7. What type of mutation that occur in Fragile X syndrome ? All reference I found state that it is " alteration " of gene or " repetition " of CGG codon . But what is the mechanism of the repetition actually, is it insertion mutation or substitution mutation ? or perhaps something else ?  Preceding talk ) 23 : 40, 6 October 2014 ( UTC)
  8. In 2002, researchers described the SOS1 gene and proved for the first time that a single-nucleotide insertion mutation of the SOS1 gene on codon 1083 is the preliminary cause of HGF1 in humans . ( Source 1 ) Later on in 2010, there was a case study done on a 16-year-old male with severe gingival overgrowth, almost covering all teeth.

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