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  1. Phytoplasma genomes contain large numbers of transposon genes and insertion sequences.
  2. The "'Insertion sequence IS1222 ribosomal frameshifting element "'is an transposition.
  3. The " S . haemolyticus " genome also contains many insertion sequences ( ISs ).
  4. This may be due to the structure of PAIs, with direct repeats, insertion sequences and association with tRNA that enables deletion and mobilization at higher frequencies.
  5. The repair template is designed for each application, as it must overlap with the sequences on either side of the cut and code for the insertion sequence.
  6. While at Stanford, Falkow encouraged Esther Lederberg to continue directing the Stanford Plasmid Reference Center, an internationally used registry for plasmids, transposons and insertion sequences .)
  7. Its gene occurs in c . 1-3 % of B . fragilis isolates, but fewer produce the enzyme since expression demands appropriate migration of an insertion sequence.
  8. Transposable element can be mainly classified as two classes : One class is very simple, called insertion sequence ( IS ), the other class is complicated, called transposon.
  9. Tn " 10 " has a composite structure and it is composed of a pair of insertion sequence elements ( IS " 10 " ) flanking five genes.
  10. As the aforementioned procedures are of particularly low efficiency, there is a need to identify the cells that have been successfully transfected with the vector construct containing the desired insertion sequence in the required orientation.

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