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  1. Three people were killed, said Neel Mani, Bihar's inspector general of police.
  2. He was chosen from among three Senior Deputy Inspector Generals of Police.
  3. The province's inspector general of police, Mohammad Raffat Pasha, assured foolproof security.
  4. Inspector General of Police Mohamed Bakri Omar said Scomi Precision Engineering Sdn.
  5. Deputy Inspector General of Police T . N . de Silva said.
  6. This was confirmed by the Deputy Inspector General of police Shoaib Suddle.
  7. Kashmir's Inspector General of Police, K . Rajendra told The Associated Press.
  8. Kashmir's Inspector General of Police, K . Rajindra told The Associated Press.
  9. Deputy Inspector General of Police Pramod Kumar said ahead of the match.
  10. Shoaib Suddle, Baluchistan inspector general of police, said officers fired in self-defense.

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