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  1. Last season the insufferably nice Alison began showing an evil side.
  2. If only the underlying story weren't so insufferably patronizing.
  3. The boxcars are insufferably hot in summer and cold in winter.
  4. Good bakers, I have found, can be insufferably condescending.
  5. The scene is insufferably sad, but not at all depressing.
  6. Although he later shows great courage, Westridge is insufferably pompous.
  7. An insufferably neurotic yuppie couple bicker over their depressed Weimaraner.
  8. The engine spaces were no better, being insufferably hot and cramped.
  9. There is an insufferably-long list of notable alumni.
  10. Each page just asks to be parodied, it is insufferably tedious.

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