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  1. Therefore, the experimental group provided more internal attributions towards the writer.
  2. Another term for "'dispositional attribution "'is internal attribution.
  3. Internal attribution refers to inferring that personal factors are the cause of an event or behavior.
  4. Internal attribution is how we attach meaning to other's behaviors and even our own.
  5. External attribution relates causality to outside agents, whereas, internal attribution assigns the person himself for any behavior.
  6. The way to overcome your own internal attributions is to draw them into your conscious mind and focus on them.
  7. These results demonstrate a tendency for older people to rely more heavily on situational attributions ( life experience ) as opposed to internal attributions.
  8. Hence, it is more common for people in collectivist cultures to make an external attribution while people in individualistic cultures making an internal attribution.
  9. When we use internal attributions, we infer that a person is behaving in a certain way or that an event is due to factors related to the person.
  10. An " external attribution " assigns causality to situational or external factors, while an " internal attribution " assigns causality to factors within the person.

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