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  1. It is what defines sign, object, and interpretant in general.
  2. One of Peirce's distinctions was that of distinguishing an interpretant from an interpreter.
  3. Here one forms an interpretant expressing a meaning or ramification of the sign about the object.
  4. The dynamic interpretant is an actuality.
  5. The final interpretant is a kind of norm or necessity unaffected by actual trends of opinion or interpretation.
  6. For example, one way to approach the concept of an interpretant is to think of a psycholinguistic process.
  7. The immediate interpretant is a quality of impression which a sign is fitted to produce, a special potentiality.
  8. That essentially triadic process is logically structured to perpetuate itself and is what defines sign, object, and interpretant.
  9. The connection that a sign makes to an interpretant is here referred to as its " connotation ".
  10. The interpretant depends likewise on both the sign and the object  an object determines a sign to determine an interpretant.

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