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  1. Part 6 of the act concerns intervention orders and guardianship orders.
  2. Troy realises Toadie has broken the intervention order and calls the police.
  3. Gary is the prime suspect when Cooper Knights is assaulted and an intervention order is taken out against him.
  4. When Troy goads Toadie about Sonya and the baby, Toadie punches him and is later served with an intervention order.
  5. In February 2006, Phillips was granted an interim intervention order against Pappas after he physically assaulted her and damaged her property.
  6. He tries to gain custody of Callum and takes an intervention order out on Toadie, causing Sonya to collapse from the stress.
  7. Callum comes to Troy and states that he will spend time with him if he drops the custody case and the intervention order.
  8. An intervention order can be applied for by, or on behalf of, an adult with incapacity and granted by the sheriff court.
  9. Callum tells Troy that he will spend time with him, but only if he drops the custody case and an intervention order against Toadie.
  10. P�rez was appointed Undersecretary of Labor for the Santiago del Estero Province with interim Governor Pablo Lanusse following a Federal intervention order signed in 2004.

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