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  1. These techniques were mainly developed after heavy ion accelerators were introduced in the materials research.
  2. The ion accelerator usually consists of several electrodes with cylindrical symmetry, acting as electric lenses.
  3. As of 2006, the facility has a world-class heavy-ion accelerator complex.
  4. The 14 UD Heavy Ion Accelerator at The Australian National University houses a 15-million-volt pelletron.
  5. He was appointed a Professor in 1961 and was Associate Director of the Heavy Ion Accelerator Lab from 1960 to 1963.
  6. In the 1960s the Arthur W . Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory at Yale centered on a tandem Van de Graaff heavy ion accelerator.
  7. Bombardment with ions of sufficient energy ( usually MeV protons ) produced by an ion accelerator, will cause inner shell ionization of atoms in a specimen.
  8. It was founded in 1969 as the Society for Heavy Ion Research ( ), abbreviated GSI, to conduct research on and with heavy-ion accelerators.
  9. Practically speaking, the energy of electron / positron accelerators is limited by this radiation loss, while this does not play a significant role in the dynamics of proton or ion accelerators.
  10. In order to avoid crashing into the star Nakamura must fire the drive enough to put the ship into a stable orbit, doing so at the expense of further damage to the drive s ion accelerators and to the mattercaster web.

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