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  1. The continuous current ion chamber instrument can easily measure dose but cannot measure counts.
  2. In that setting, it would be the ion chamber units that received most of the use.
  3. Ion chambers are widely used as hand held radiation survey meters to check radiation dose levels.
  4. The tank contains thermocouples for sensing the water temperature and ion chambers for monitoring the reactor power.
  5. Measurements for each are taken using an ion chamber for identical source to detector distances and field sizes.
  6. As the ion chamber works in current mode, not pulse mode, this is synthesised from the radiation rate.
  7. The CD V-700s were usually packaged in various combinations with the high-level ion chamber units listed above in kits designated CD V-777.
  8. A higher than expected dose rate was detected when the lowest of the three ion chambers exited the reactor vessel below the lower axial shield.
  9. On November 2, 2010, when work was in progress to remove the instrumentation, one of three small helium-filled ion chambers was removed from the instrumentation sleeve.
  10. If the meter on any of the ion chamber devices are observed to respond at all to a radiation source, evacuation of the area should be considered.

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