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  1. Ivory black was formerly made by grinding charred ivory in oil.
  2. Today ivory black is considered a synonym for bone black.
  3. EIA has spent the last three years monitoring elephant poaching in Africa and the ivory black markets of Asia.
  4. The black dresses and high hats of the gentlemen in Manet's " Music in the Tuileries " are painted in ivory black.
  5. He kept his colours apart from each other : his palette consisted of vermilion, white, naples yellow, two different ivory black, cassel earth and bitumen.
  6. A typical example is Manet's " Music in the Tuileries ", where the black dresses and hats of the men are painted in ivory black.
  7. Later, he mounted a pair of papers, snow white ( SW ) and ivory black ( Bk ), in an inner circle, thereby creating shades of gray.
  8. I tried to replace black with a mixture of red and blue, I tried using cobalt blue or ultramarine, but I always came back to ivory black ."
  9. A few years after arriving, he published the " Ivory Black Stories ", tales of artist life, which were reprinted in book form in 1885 as " Color Studies ".
  10. Choose vermilion, Indian red, Alizarin crimson, burnt umber, raw umber, yellow ocher, chrome yellow deep, cadmium yellow light, cobalt green deep, flake white and ivory black for your basic palette.


  1. a black pigment made from grinding burnt ivory in oil

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