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  1. He organized massive soap-sculpting contests to get children interested in Ivory soap.
  2. The title is a play on an advertising slogan for Ivory soap.
  3. For Procter & Gamble, he held up a bar of Ivory Soap.
  4. "Seventeen is as much a brand as Ivory soap, " he said.
  5. "Like the old Ivory Soap commercial, he's 99 . 9 percent pure,"
  6. They were used as holding and mixing tanks for making Ivory soap.
  7. "They're 99 and 44 / 100ths percent pure, just like Ivory soap,"
  8. Pampers, Pringles potato chips, Ivory soap, Jif peanut butter, Duncan Hines cake mixes.
  9. Lather yourself in an array of Ivory soaps and Breck shampoos.
  10. Grandma might have made do with Ivory soap, but mom had a lineup.

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