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  1. The Jain Kalar are numerically dominant and economically and educationally advanced.
  2. Dalwal is between two tehsils : Choa Saidan Shah and Kalar Kahar.
  3. The city is one of the twin towns of Rizgari-Kalar.
  4. There were 2, 19, and 56 Kalar inhabiting Central Provinces and Berar.
  5. M . K . Gandhi requested the Kalar community to abandon their traditional business.
  6. At 20 years old he settled in Sherwana Castle in Kalar region in Iraqi Kurdistan.
  7. It has an area of . Its oldest village is Sabo Bhadiar near Qila kalar wala.
  8. The term Kalar or Kalal has been originated from King of Kallul-a place in Northern India.
  9. Kalar hosts the University of Garmian, a satellite campus of University of Sulaymaniyah which specialises in agriculture.
  10. Today, it Houses the Museam of Kalar, which has many historic artifacts of the Jaff tribe.

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