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  1. German physician Karl Wernicke continued in the vein of Broca's research by studying language deficits unlike expressive aphasia.
  2. He trained a number of prominent neurologists and neuropathologists, including Arnold Pick, Hermann Oppenheim, Karl F�rstner, Carl Moeli and Karl Wernicke.
  3. After receiving his medical doctorate in 1891, he became assistant at the psychiatric clinic in Breslau under Karl Wernicke ( 1848 & ndash; 1905 ).
  4. Foerster's student years occurred in a time when neurology was starting to develop independently from internal medicine and psychiatry under the influence of, among others, Jean-Martin Charcot ( 1825-1893 ), Wilhelm Heinrich Erb, William Richard Gowers ( 1845-1912 ) and particularly Karl Wernicke, who became well known by his direction toward functional localization approaches.
  5. Upon completion of the doctoral studies, he spent two years studying abroad, following a suggestion by Karl Wernicke ( 1848-1905 ) : in the summer he went to Paris, studying with Joseph Jules Dejerine and attending classes by Pierre Marie and Joseph Babinski ( 1857-1932 ); and in the summer with Heinrich Frenkel in Switzerland, in order to study physical therapy of neurological patients there.

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