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  1. I'm not quite sure about the cat and mouse experiencing a katharsis.
  2. Meanwhile, Den and Qui-Gon have rigged the Katharsis lottery so that Den will win.
  3. The film incorporates the character Katharsis of The Movement, a superhero based on Vilaysack created by author Gail Simone.
  4. The last Katharsis interview was given by Drakh in April 2002 to the " Horrible Eyes " from Chemnitz.
  5. The controversy surrounding Katharsis's 2000 debut " 666 " to be the most important recordings for the German scene.
  6. The most recent contribution to climbs on the Troll Wall is " Katharsis ", established by Polish climbers Marek Raganowicz and Marcin Tomaszewski over 18 days in January and February 2015.
  7. It is published and distributed by Carmel Publishing House, Jerusalem . " Katharsis " was established in 2004 by Mezaref, a non-profit-making society registered in Israel.
  8. The single " Katharsis " joined " BoomBoomBoom " as a worldwide club hit, The German magazine Orkus called " Feuer frei " was  the new standard for the electro industrial genre.
  9. A split LP with Malign was planned in the early 2000s and supposed to be issued by Grim Rune Productions before the recording of Watain's second album " Casus Luciferi ", ), MkM of Katharsis.
  10. D . W . Lucas, in an authoritative edition of the " Poetics ", comprehensively covers the various nuances inherent in the meaning of the term in an Appendix devoted to " Pity, Fear, and Katharsis ".


  1. (psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions
    पर्याय: catharsis, abreaction
  2. purging the body by the use of a cathartic to stimulate evacuation of the bowels
    पर्याय: catharsis, purgation

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