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  1. The family later moved to a remote valley on Kauai island.
  2. Six days later he arrived to Kauai island.
  3. For information, contact the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, Kauai Island Chapter, at ( 808 ) 245-3971.
  4. It was suspected to be in retaliation for ordering patients suspected of leprosy to exile in Kauai island and was appointed special prosecutor.
  5. The state record is 38 inches on Jan . 25, 1956, on Kauai Island, said National Weather Service forecaster Roy Matsuda.
  6. He invested in a small sugarcane Kauai island with Charles Reed Bishop and William Little Lee, but it failed due to uneven rainfall.
  7. Baldwin took advantage of the lower land prices and built an irrigation project on Kauai island called the Hanapepe ditch for the Hawaiian Sugar Company.
  8. On April 6, 1824 in Hanalei Bay, on the northern coast of Kauai island " Haaheo o Hawaii " ran the aground on a shallow reef.
  9. Plans called for the dog to be placed in mandatory quarantine on Kauai Island, where a smaller facility will allow staff to give it more attention, the Hawaiian Humane Society said.
  10. For information, contact the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, Kauai Island Ch-NYT COMMENTARY : THE CHARISMA CHASM ( JT ) By RUSSELL BAKER c . 1996 N . Y . Times News Service

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