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  1. For treating industrial emission of chemical engineering , kiln - firing industry , electroplating , metal surface treatment , flue gas , boiler and furnace
  2. The advancement of kiln - firing techniques led to the production of high - fired hard pottery ware , with geometric patterns such as double - fs , spirals and lozenges
  3. Color - painting on the porcelain ware is different from common painting . the pigment of glaze and painting on the body will undergo a great change after firing and baking at high temperature . it is in itself amazing that through kiln - firing a half - finished porcelain with dark colors and an unattractive look can be transformed into a work with so wonderful colors . from this , we can understand how exceptional the experience and imagination it requires in porcelian color - painting
  4. The spanish priest fernando sainz op preached christianity here 150 years ago , and his followers subsequently built this church . the exterior of this magnificent building was made using traditional materials , such as crushed stone , lime mortar , brown sugar , and honey , kapok , and kiln - fired bricks , and it has a horizontal inscribed granite tablet , given by the emperor tongzhi

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