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  1. But he knuckled down to acting studies late in his junior year, then went on to the Juilliard School.
  2. Sebastian has plans for other sailing adventures, but said his immediate priority is knuckling down to study for his Ordinary Level General School Certificate of Education.
  3. But the students all have experiments to conduct, so after the first thrill of floating up off the floor, most of them are knuckling down to work.
  4. Here, even leisure activities have an edge, whether it's knuckling down to sail in a stiff wind or charging up graveled hills on a bike.
  5. Former oil tycoon Marvin Davis has threatened to withdraw his US $ 20 billion bid for all the entertainment assets unless Vivendi knuckles down to exclusive talks with him.
  6. But I thought it would be an adventure anyway, so I knuckled down to things like'Deadman', " The Spectre " and whatever odd things would come my way.
  7. People seem to be saying that if I'm not raising a child, going back to school or knuckling down to write a potential best seller, then what's wrong with me?
  8. Cummings, the WBC Continental Americas super-welterweight champion, came forward aggressively in the second round and knocked Collins off balance again before the champion knuckled down to business, hitting the American down a second time.
  9. "We have the money to pay the fines, but if we do, it means we are knuckling down to U . S . demands, " said a Mitsui O . S . K . spokeswoman, who requested anonymity.
  10. And he chided the Ulster Unionists : " John Taylor and his colleagues should take their courage in their hands, set aside their reluctance about the future, and knuckle down to plan an equitable, democratic settlement with the rest of us ."

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