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  1. Don't taxi drivers deserve at least the concern we would lavish on dogs?
  2. There is so much love people lavish on their pet companions.
  3. Anson is upset by the attentions O'Hara lavishes on his wife and daughter.
  4. Salim responded that he did not have spare money to lavish on politicians.
  5. What surprised her was the attention the American tour lavishes on its players.
  6. Am I jealous of the time and love and money Michael lavishes on his horses?
  7. It's a lot of high-wattage attention to lavish on a relatively small number of people.
  8. Such luxuries America lavishes on its luckier young!
  9. Media reports say a race horse is among the presents Arkan will lavish on his bride.
  10. At a certain point, the pity the movie lavishes on the dancers starts shading into condescension.

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