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  1. He can no longer contend for the win and the two leaders pass him on the final lap.
  2. Tenet assumed the agency's helm and quickly provided leadership to workers who had seen a string of leaders pass through.
  3. Now he had to hurry home before the traffic would be closed to allow motorcades of leaders pass by on way to a riverside gala dinner.
  4. I wouldn't support having an article for " every " individual who's ever run as a party candidate in an election, but party leaders pass my keep line.
  5. Since their 2001 meeting, Apicella has frequently joined Berlusconi at his villa in Sardinia, where the Italian leader passes his summer holidays, entertains visiting dignitaries _ and sings.
  6. Gen . Mario Renan Castillo Fernandez, who commands troops in the state, said the military would let even Zapatista leaders pass freely " because we are not hunting them ."
  7. It is not known if Chaucer was in the city of London at the time of the Peasants'Revolt, but if he was, he would have seen its leaders pass almost directly under his apartment window at Aldgate.
  8. But if the Palestinian leader passes up this last-post chance, he could be facing an opponent who believes that only Israel has red lines, and that the Palestinians have to learn, through experience, to accept what is offered.
  9. "If such proof exists as leaders of the United States government categorically affirm, and they do not demand that religious leaders pass over the most profound convictions of their faith . . . an alternative to war could be found, " the communique said.
  10. Al From, president of the Democratic Leadership Council, the centrist party coalition that Clinton helped found, said, " The challenge now is to ensure that the New Democrat and New Labor movements continue to grow and prosper after these two leaders pass form the scene ."

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