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  1. From the earliest times the Jews of Philadelphia have been prominent in the learned professions.
  2. She became the first woman to be recognized as a prominent leader of a learned profession.
  3. It is thus an undergraduate degree, and require a licence to practice in the learned profession.
  4. Consequently, if women were to enter any learned profession in significant numbers they would lower its standards.
  5. Passing the Abitur was a prerequisite to entering the learned professions and higher echelons of the civil service.
  6. Passing the Abitur was a pre-requisite to entering the learned professions and higher echelons of civil service.
  7. C . College and university teachers are citizens, members of a learned profession and officers of an educational institution.
  8. Raach further suggested that as a learned profession, medicine " could not be relegated to regulation by the average county official ".
  9. This merchant, it will be re membered, is educating a son for a learned profession at the university of Edinburgh ."
  10. The ruling held that " the learned professions " were like any other commercial activity and thus not exempt from antitrust law.

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