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  1. Most copies are bought by learner drivers preparing for their driving test.
  2. Hagger is also the Co-Founder of learner driver app miDrive.
  3. When Alf gets drunk, Renee is forced to drive despite being a learner driver.
  4. David Trimble is a learner driver and cannot be left in the driving seat,
  5. Trimble is a learner driver and can't be left in the driver's seat ."
  6. Queensland learner drivers can record their required 100 hours of supervised on-road driving electronically.
  7. The LK50GY is particularly popular amongst 16-year-old learner drivers.
  8. Longer training sessions for learner drivers, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  9. Free2go is a youth program designed to help learner drivers to get their licence and includes roadside assistance.
  10. As well, most learner driver experience is obtained through professional driving instructors rather than through ad hoc supervision.

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