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  1. Consider a language ( such as English ) in which the lexicographically.
  2. Lexicographically, salacious represents the Clinton scandal's point of furthest semantic advance.
  3. Starting with the first node, it maintains OPEN, ordered lexicographically by f and depth.
  4. The second phase then finds the lexicographically minimal rotation start index from the indices which remain.
  5. Ido was specifically designed to be lexicographically regular, and above all easy to learn and use.
  6. Note that H [ 1 ] = \ bot, since there is no lexicographically smaller suffix.
  7. As described in Nielsen 1994, the coverage of dictionaries may be divided into three lexicographically relevant types.
  8. The Booth algorithm uses a modified version of the KMP preprocessing function to find the lexicographically minimal string rotation.
  9. The text ends with the special sentinel letter $ that is unique and lexicographically smaller than any other character.
  10. Another problem which is "'CC "'- complete is lexicographically-first maximal matching.
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