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  1. He speaks with a sharp Brooklyn accent and a slight lisp.
  2. Playing with that, Leguizamo developed Sid's lateral lisp.
  3. The final ANSI Common Lisp standard then was published in 1994.
  4. One type of environment in Common Lisp is the dynamic environment.
  5. Lexical binding is the default binding mode for Common Lisp variables.
  6. Every CLOS class is integrated into the Common Lisp type system.
  7. Most Common Lisp implementations compile source code to native machine code.
  8. This runs the Emacs Lisp function split-window-vertically.
  9. The early Lisp machines used microcode to provide the instruction set.
  10. The result was a very compact compiled representation of Lisp code.


  1. a speech defect that involves pronouncing `s'' like voiceless `th'' and `z'' like voiced `th''
  1. speak with a lisp

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