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  1. A young lawyer's life may soon become more livable.
  2. To a more than livable wage, I'll bet.
  3. Some will say that such small lots aren't livable.
  4. Opponents said millions of workers would be denied a livable wage.
  5. Even many welfare recipients are finding jobs that pay livable wages.
  6. The ABL is paying the kind of salaries that are livable,
  7. "All very livable colors, " says Berberian.
  8. "They're like a more livable New York.
  9. There may not be a more affordable and livable big city.
  10. Such initiatives make the city livable and competitive, Abolt said.


  1. fit or suitable to live in or with; "livable conditions"
    पर्याय: liveable

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