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  1. The lonesomeness, I think, is the health threat,
  2. Mrs . Schrock admits to feeling a certain lonesomeness sometimes.
  3. There s such an aggressive lonesomeness in this song ."
  4. Forced to this dreary lonesomeness, Nehru discovered time to re-live his creative passions.
  5. Lonesomeness, silence, an endless wait, is also a type of happiness, my happiness.
  6. Two hours and fifty-one minutes is a lot of time to harp upon one well-known theme lonesomeness and anxiety.
  7. The narrator calls this dismal, muddy place the " land of lonesomeness . " The men paddle the two lifeboats up a creek.
  8. Chip Kinman's rumble of a voice embodies lonesomeness, and the trio's taciturn energy lends color to the legends it relates.
  9. Illustrating her lonesomeness, a stoic pioneer family camped with their covered wagons near Colorado Springs on their way west stares out of the page.
  10. "He certainly had this sense of alienation-- to put a modern term on it-- of lonesomeness from his childhood,"

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