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  1. The devices were sold as a loss leader for monthly Internet service.
  2. Most of them looked at their news divisions as strategic loss leaders.
  3. Honest Ed's gained fame for its marketing stunts, including loss leader specials.
  4. Despite the low prices, the items are not envisioned as loss leaders.
  5. "We probably will use it as a loss leader, " she said.
  6. In the retail business, it's what you call a loss leader ."
  7. Brown said it's a loss leader to boost the station's big-story presence.
  8. It is similar to a supermarket selling milk as a loss leader.
  9. There are not many loss leaders in Old Lyme, Lyme or Essex.
  10. Some prices quoted must include loss leader sales or governmental subsidies.


  1. a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers
    पर्याय: drawing card, leader

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