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  1. Almost all computer languages use a system known as an " activation record " or " stack frame " for each procedure a modular unit of execution that contains the address from which the procedure was called, the data ( parameters ) that were passed in, and space for any result values that need to be returned.
  2. If the nested function or functions are ( mutually ) recursive, it becomes hard for the compiler to know exactly where on the call stack the non-local variable was allocated, as the frame pointer only points to the local variable of the nested function itself and there can be an arbitrary number of activation records on the stack in between.
  3. Now imagine instead of running operations through a array of NAND gates to end up with the logic you want, and managing the overhead of tending to all the various subsystems ( and God help you if you have " other " processes running at the time ), not to mention the overhead that's inevitable with any compiled programming language ( for example the call stack and activation record that's hard coded into any program compiled from C + + ).
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