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  1. However, the two schools are still administrated by different Deans.
  2. It was administrated as part of the Berlin-Grunau workshop.
  3. The first Baptism was administrated by Burgess on 25 January 1880.
  4. It is administrated by the Saudi Arabian Basketball Federation . ()
  5. The STAR ratings were administrated by Paul Maslak throughout its existence.
  6. Admins could'administrate'on Wikiquote too, for example.
  7. Vellore city is administrated by Mayor Mrs . P . Karthiyayini.
  8. It is administrated by the Gambia Basketball Association ( GBA ).
  9. It is administrated by the Bermuda Basketball Association ( BBA ).
  10. It is administrated by the Basketball Association of Malawi-BASMAL.
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